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Did you ever want to :

Programme the Amiga, but found it too tedious and complicated ?
Tried to learn Forth, but found it too unfriendly and basic ?
Write Life, Uuencode, Uudecode, TEA or an unbeatable Tic Tac Toe game in less than 1K ?
Write a programme, or add a scripting language to your application, but found it too complicated ?

The waiting is over !

Here is JForth!

JForth is very different, and very complete !

Use the excellent tools to write sophisticated programmes including
Graphics, Animations and Audio programmes !

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spot News and announcements spot Read the JForth FAQ (and the manual) before asking questions
spot No Amiga anymore, or never had one - Don't worry, no problem spot Historical reviews and articles - Some good programming stuff as well !!! about JForth !
spot Download JForth freeware NOW spot JForth Programmes By JForth authors
spot You don't know what JForth is ? Then get acquainted spot Discord Join the Discord channel
spot Need a professional looking JForth manual?Look no further ! spot JForth History
spot On-line manual in HTML spot Videos Enjoy some Forth programming and Amiga Videos
spot Essential Books Amiga, JForth and Assembler essential books
spot Programming links to Forth, Assembler and even C related programming sites

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I would like to thank Mike Haas & Phil Burk, for creating, and releasing as freeware, such an inspiring and complete programme !

Credit is given to the other JForth contributors, especially :-
Brian Donovan, Jim King, Dave Sirag, Martin Kees, Jack Woehr, Larry Polanski, Marlin Schwanke, Nick Didkovsky, Bill Kelly, Kirk Baker, Bill Maginnis, George Kozlowski, Lynn Newton...and to many others who aided in bringing JForth to where it is today !

Thanks to Hans Bezemer for the web site ideas !

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© 1998-2023 Martin Randall